I Feel Like a Purple Pikmin – Infinite Coins Podcast Episode 44

This is episode 44 and it’s our E3 2012 wrap up episode. We discuss the Microsoft conference, the Sony conference, the Nintendo conference, and what third parties had to show this year. We also give each of the three console manufacturers an E3 grade as well as for the third parties. Find out who we thought came away winners and losers at this year’s E3! We’ve also revamped the show format and episode 44 will reflect our first attempt at it.

We discussed SmartGlass, Wii U, Vita, PS3, Tomb Raider, Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed III, Watch Dogs, EA, Madden, UbiSoft, Pikmin 3, Last of Us, Beyond, and a whole lot more. Oh, we also talked about Wonderbook but we didn’t devote a quarter of the show to it unlike a certain E3 2012 presentation.

All that and more intelligent insight into the world of video games from Tommy, Patrick, and Nik!

(As always, music credits go out to some folks over at OCRemix.org- Our intro theme is “Game On” by Fishy, the main segment theme is “Pipes” by Seventh Epic and this week’s ending theme is “Stealth Lizard” by VurezAlso, we must, of course, credit Koji Kondo and SEGA Sound Team for their iconic music and sounds.)

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Two For the Price of One – Infinite Coins Podcast Episode 43 Part II

This is part two of episode 43 featuring the Bonus Stage with the Valve new employee handbook, a games are not art editorial that you probably didn’t see coming, and the problem with always online games. You can catch part one of episode 43 for our E3 2012 expectations.

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E3 Expectations – Infinite Coins Podcast Episode 43 Part 1

It’s been a slow couple of weeks in gaming with E3 around corner so we’re back this week with a preview of what we expect to see at this year’s E3 from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Apple. Apple won’t be at E3 but they will hold their own conference–WWDC–during the same week. This episode ended up being incredibly long so we cut it up into two parts. This week is part 1 which is largely the This Week in Gaming segment and next week will be the Bonus Stage.

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House of M – Infinite Coins Podcast Episode 42

This is episode 42 and this week we discuss announcements from Nintendo Direct in The Weekly Ticker. We then open it up with a new segment called Friendly Fire featuring Nexon and EA plus more announcements by Nintendo in an investor conference. Then we jump into This Week in Gaming and discuss the pricing problem of the PlayStation Vita and why sales have been so poor. Lastly we close it up with a Bonus Stage featuring Cargo-Bot, Kickstarter skepticism, and linear vs sandbox games. This isn’t your usual hour long coin-fest but it is just as good. Also, we are giving away packs of Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards that we got from PAX East this week so you’ll have to tune in to find out how to enter.

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Special TV Offer – The Apple Steamer – Infinite Coins Podcast Episode 41

We’re coming at you with a bit of a delay this week but fret not, we are here! We made some changes to the show format this episode and we announced the first of the several PAX East 2012 giveaways that we are planning. The first thing is a Star Wars The Old Republic XL red t-shirt. You’ll need to listen to the episode to find out how to win! We also revised The Weekly Ticker and this week it features the Wii U and Mass Effect. Then This Week in Gaming goes into another discussion about the impending troubles ahead for the core gaming market. The Bonus Stage is a little tamer with a discussion on Skyward Sword, why games that aren’t artsy aren’t stupid, and Skyrim + Kinect. It is another wonderful episode.

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PAX East 2012 – Infinite Coins Podcast Special Episode 2

The Infinite Coins Podcast team was at PAX East 2012 in Boston, MA this week. We were there on Saturday and Sunday. This special episode includes 15 minutes of recording we did from the show floor on Saturday plus a wrap up segment of what we saw and did on Sunday. We’ll have more PAX East goodness in episode 41 including how you guys can win some of the swag we picked up at PAX. These are all PAX exclusive so if you didn’t get a chance to get to the show you can still win some of the swag.

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Hakuma Patata – Infinite Coins Podcast Episode 40

This is the big milestone episode 40! And it is being posted on a bus to PAX East in Boston. We’re real high tech around here. This week we open the show with Epic Mickey 2, Mass Effect 3, cupcakes and BioWare, Sega, Obsidian and Wasteland 2, and GAME’s fate. Then we jump into This Week in Gaming and discuss the recently surfaced rumors about the upcoming PlayStation, the Orbis, and what it all means for used games next generation. We also discuss the one OMGPOP employee who didn’t join Zynga in the buyout. The Bonus Stage talks about the iPad, the Apple TV, and how they are a trojan forse for Apple. We also talk about the tutorials in The Legend of Zelda games. And we provide you with a list of games you can play right now from the recent MolyJam! Get ready, this is episode 40.

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